Forty Plus is a non-profit, member-supported job search and career transition organization. 

With the goal of helping our members achieve their career objectives, Forty Plus of New York offers a time-tested, step-by-step career development strategy and support to help you find your next position.

Our origin traces back to the Great Depression, so we understand the challenge job-seekers face in the most difficult economic times.


Our member community is made up of a  broad range of executives and professionals, from banking and financial executives to attorneys, IT specialists, journalists, copywriters, marketing and sales experts, entrepreneurs, entertainment professionals, and healthcare industry executives, among many others.

While our professions vary, the one thing Forty Plus members have in common is the goal of finding a job or achieving some other career objective as quickly as possible—and a commitment to supporting each other along the way. 

The camaraderie and support of our Forty Plus peers add a crucial dimension to the job search process. Further support is available via our network of former members who are back at work and remain affiliated with the organization.

Forty Plus Origins

Henry Simler, an executive with the Remington Rand company, founded Forty Plus in 1939 during the Great Depression.  He created a “40 Plus Committee” at New York City’s Sales Executive Club to help the many executives he knew who were having difficulties finding jobs. 

Serving as a job clearinghouse and mutual support group, the club soon became the independent organization that it is today, some 70 years later. During the ongoing cycle of boom and bust in the job market, Forty Plus continues to fulfill its mission because it harnesses the power of people helping themselves.

Four American leaders formed the New York organization’s first Advisory Board: Tom Watson, founder of IBM; James Cash Penney, founder of J.C. Penney; Arthur Godfrey, radio and TV personality; and Norman Vincent Peale, author of the bestselling book, The Power of Positive Thinking.


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About Us

About Us
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